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Being one of the most trusted and the Best Bicycle Dealers in Gomti Nagar, 'Agarwal Cycles' has been serving with a range of Top Quality Bicycles from more than Eight Decades. Since the Establishment, we have emerged from a little Bicycle Store to one of the Largest Bicycle Dealers in Uttar Pradesh.


Mr. Moti Lal Agarwal(Head) initially migrated with his family to Haryana in 1930. He was mesmerised by the use of transport in India and the mixed culture of British and Indians. But the difference and slavery could be seen and could be felt as well. Thankfully, Cycling as a sport was introduced in India by the efforts of actor and sportsman Jankidas in the same year. In that era only two brands of bicycles were available in India; Phillips and Raleigh. Phillips Cycles Ltd. was a British bicycle manufacturer and The Raleigh Bicycle Company is a bicycle manufacturer.


Mr. Agarwal started using the sensation called 'Bicycle' and started a small business of importing cycles from England. Little did he know that in the coming years, this small store will become a big phenomena in Lucknow and regions nearby it which became 7 Stores strong all over the Lucknow City and earned a big name in the Industry. During 1950-1960 Mr. Agarwal's son Mr. Madan Lal introduced the concept of 'Dealership' in the Business. They were the whistleblowers in the field of Dealerships. It was just the beginning of a new era. It had no stop and moving on was the only choice we made.


With Twelve Outlets across the City and the biggest Network of 175 Distributors, 'Agarwal Cycles' stretched Total 4 Branches in Aminabad, Gomti Nagar, Nirala Nagar and Latouche Road serving all over Lucknow. Here we are also associated with Dealing in Exercising Equipment and Tools which makes us the One-Stop-Destination for those who look forward to leading a healthier life. The ardour and devotion that the employees of 'Agarwal Cycles' pursue, makes sure that you receive the best deal & services for the Cycles & Equipment you are looking for. Our Expert team makes you able to flaunt your vigour without hesitation who also has helped 'Agarwal Cycles' to develop its foundation towards being the Best Cycles Dealers in Gomti Nagar.

Why Us?

With Eighty Years in the business of Cycles, 'Agarwal Cycles' has seen a number of transitions. The urge to make cycling synonyms to 'Agarwal Cycles', we strove everyday and every decade. So we are not going to settle for something small and neither should you!


'Agarwal Cycles' aims to make Bicycles an Energy Efficient Mode of Transportation in Lucknow, which is only possible if the idea of using cycles will be clear to the people. Here we make sure that it caters to all the segments of the cycling and exercising industry In Lucknow.


We intend to bring joy in the lives of people with the products and services. 'Agarwal Cycles' wishes the world to accelerate towards sustainable energy and save the future. The vision is to provide cycles for every age group to every segment of the society, irrespective of their gender.


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